Zoe Hyland
Photography & Videography

Authentic visual story telling ...

The artist

Zoe Hyland

Those who know me will hear me say the following, on a daily basis; I have the best job in the world. 

Sorry, but it’s true! I get to spend my days exploring the weird and wonderful pockets of the world. Its people, their stories,  their experiences….the spaces, the events, the food, the fun… there is nothing I love more. 

I have an insatiable thirst for discovering this world and its residents, My passion drew me to chase beautiful conners of the world.  Currently I’m Australia, residing in vibrant Sydney where I continue to expand my portfolio and diversity in projects. I am blessed to have worked alongside some fantastic clients and crew.

I don’t believe in limiting myself to anything. For this reason my projects and collaborations span across several styles and industries, including the following:

– Corporate Events, Live Music Events, Fashion Events.
– Brand activations & Product Placement
– Product Photography
– Food drink & venues
– Portraits & headshots
– Proposals & Weddings
– Marketing & Media content

Zoe Hyland